Bafra (Vokolida)

Bafra (Vokolida), Northern Cyprus: A Coastal Haven

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Cyprus, Bafra, also known as Vokolida, beckons travelers with its pristine shores and tranquil ambiance. Here, we’ll explore the alluring attractions and experiences that make Bafra a hidden gem in Northern Cyprus.

Seaside Paradise

Bafra is celebrated for its unspoiled coastline, featuring soft sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Visitors can revel in the clear blue waters, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports activities. With its peaceful and uncrowded atmosphere, Bafra offers the perfect setting for relaxation.

Luxurious Resorts

The area is home to a collection of luxurious beachfront resorts and hotels, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a pampered and tranquil escape. These resorts offer a range of amenities, including spas, restaurants, and entertainment options, ensuring a memorable stay.

Natural Wonders

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity of Bafra to the Karpas Peninsula, a region renowned for its natural beauty. The peninsula boasts diverse landscapes, from rugged cliffs to serene wetlands, and it’s an excellent spot for birdwatching and hiking.

Historical Exploration

While Bafra primarily focuses on leisure and relaxation, history buffs can take a short drive to visit some of Northern Cyprus’s historical sites. The ancient city of Salamis and the St. Barnabas Monastery are easily accessible, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage of the region.

Gateway to Adventure

Bafra serves as a gateway for exploring the wider Northern Cyprus region. Visitors can embark on day trips to discover nearby attractions such as the medieval town of Famagusta (Gazimağusa), the ancient ruins of Soli, or the wild beauty of the Karpas Peninsula.

In conclusion, Bafra (Vokolida) is a coastal haven in Northern Cyprus, offering a blend of natural beauty, luxury, and access to historical treasures. Whether you seek relaxation, nature exploration, or cultural immersion, Bafra promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking tranquility by the sea.

Bafra (Vokolida) also includes the Çayırova area.

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